"The title race is far from over" - Luis Enrique

Q: What can you do about the missed penalties? Luis Enrique: Well, we're going to make the goals as big as rugby posts.

"The title race is far from over" - Luis Enrique
Rodolfo Molina DIARIO AS

FC Barcelona manager Luis Enrique gave his pre-match press conference as his high-fliers travel to the Canary Islands to take on Las Palmas, Saturday (4.00pm CET) in Week 25 of La Liga.

Long journey to Gran Canaria
Las Palmas are a tough team, they keep the ball well and it's difficult to get it off them, there will be periods in the game when they'll make it difficult for us.

You played Wednesday, you're playing Saturday and then again on Tuesday, on a questionable pitch, will all that affect your squad selection?
It might, but we hope the pitch will be in good condition and that the surface will have improved. We won't know until we see it.

Is the biggest danger tomorrow that the players might be thinking about Tuesday?
No. If anyone's shown that they are capable of playing every three days, regardless of the rival and the competition, it's us.

What's your view of what happened on the airplane?
Sorry, but I was in the front row, I heard rumours and I didn't know they were shouting things at my players, if they insulted my players then I congratulate them and the rest of the travelling team to resist the provocations and not get involved. There's nothing else to say. What the fans want are results and that's our aim, nothing else matters.

What can you do about the missed penalties?
Well, we should make the goals as big as rugby posts. But seriously, that gives us something to improve on, among other things that we can make progress with.

Is the Pichichi important to Luis Enrique?
That's an individual award, the collective always comes before the individual and everyone knows it.

What worries you most about the euphoria surrounding this team?
Seeing it inside the dressing room, that would worry me, but I've seen nothing of the sort, I see a team with clear objectives and focus, but with nothing won yet. We are going to try and repeat what we did last season. I don't see anything that would alarm me, on the contrary, they're aware of how difficult it is to keep winning.

Neymar wants to the go to the Olypics, what would you say to him as an ex-Olympian?
It's an attractive prospect for any athlete. Having the games in your country is something special. The difficulty is having a competition rith before the Olympics, that he doesn't overdo it, but I'm in favour of it.

Benítez said Real Madrid's biggest problem is Barça, who won't stop winning and the difference is in the style. What's your opinion?
Everybody's entitled to their opinion.

Will this Barça with Messi go down in history?
Everybody's entitled to their opinion.