How the Messi/Suárez penalty may look in other teams

The caricature platform from Thailand ‘Just toon it’ has had a think about how other players in other teams may have attempted "that" penalty.

Here are the versions that the crew at 'Just toon it' came up with for the indirect penalty that Messi took to Suárez against Celta Vigo. (Enlarge the images to appreciate fully)

Barcelona: the original based on Cruyff.

Real Madrid: the indirect penalty becomes a direct penalty with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Liverpool: Henderson passes beautifully to Benteke who strokes the ball into the hands of the goalkeeper.

Chelsea: Oscar does the first part right but the ball is not despatched by Diego Costa as he's too busy fighting with an opponent.

Arsenal: Cazorla, Giroud, Özil y Alexis keep the short passes going but forget to shoot.

Manchester United: Van Gaal's team is well known for not shooting at goal so Rooney's pass to Depay is then provided to the opposing keeper to allow a break away.