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Kaká: "I think Cristiano and Messi will play in the MLS"

The Brazilian is just one of many stars in the United States who, along with Gerrard, Lampard, David Villa and Dempsey, see the Galacticos of LaLiga playing in America.

Kaká: "I think Cristiano and Messi will play in the MLS"

Just a decade ago, it was impossible to imagine stars like Kaka, Gerrard, Lampard and Dempsey in the MLS. Now, these same stars predict that the two phenomenons of world football are likely to follow suit. They, of course, refer to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Speaking with CNN Sport, Kaká was the first to say it: "I think Cristiano and Messi will play at some point in the future in the MLS. It depends on a few things but I think it will happen. Both of them have expressed their desire to do so in the past, they like the US...and frankly it makes sense."

Is that red, white and blue colouring, Cristiano?

Frank Lampard, the midfielder for New York City FC and formerly of Chelsea and Manchester City, believes the same, but opts more for the Portuguese player. "I think that's a real possibility. I think they'll want to, and I think they'll be embraced if they came here. Cristiano, particularly, I could see playing in America.

"I think the lifestyle would suit him, he's a showman and a great player."

Steven Gerrard, the living legend of Liverpool FC, says he constantly gets calls from back home with questions: "Former teammates call me often to ask me questions. I'd certainly recommend it, not just to those two but to players around the world.

Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel Messi with the ball stuck to his foot. MLS fans may see him close up in the coming years.

"I'm sure they'll enjoy the life on and off the pitch because America's a super country to come and work in and enjoy.

"I know from playing with players in the English dressing rooms at home that everybody is talking about MLS now.

"Maybe five or 10 years ago it wasn't on the radar so much -- but it is now, and I'm talking about big players."

But he also highlighted that anyone coming to relax thinking that the level is lower would be in for a big shock.

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal by showing his name to the crowd. Could this be seen in the States soon?

David Villa, meanwhile, said he'd enjoy seeing them both come across: "I hope both of them may be here," he said. "Obviously they are both two of the greatest players of today and in the history of football.

"The MLS is making a better impression on European soccer players, and many of them want to be here -- and that will improve the league a lot."

Finally, American Clint Dempsey kept it simple: "It's [the league] only going to continue to grow," the Seattle Sounders star told CNN.

"More money's going be involved with it. The quality of players is going continue to increase. Competition is just going to get better and better.

"As long as you can keep on track and keep everything in order, I think there's no reason why the game shouldn't continue to grow with what we've seen in recent years."

Some of the stars of the MLS looking forward to the biggest names following in their footsteps.