"I'll bet my arm that Neymar never joins Real Madrid"

The defender also spoke about Messi:  "It's a luxury and a pleasure to have him in the team. His technical quality is out of this world".

Piqué reviewed Sunday's win over Sevilla with Movistar+: "Sevilla defende really well and then hit you on the break. We suffered to get back into the game. Our legs are weary from so many games and everything costs us more. We've suffered a lot in recent game but that's the only way you can win the league".

Messi: "Messi generates everything - play, assists, goals… It's a luxury and a pleasure to have him in the team. His technical quality and vision of the game is out of this world. Also, he's got the freedom to roam and look for the best option. Some teams are better than stopping him than others but really, it's impossible.

Perfect figures in the second half of the campaign: "Records are very nice, but they don't win you leagues. We've still got to finish off the campaign. It's been going well for us but Madrid are not our only rivals - there's Atlético in the league, Sevilla in the Copa and then there's the Champions League”.

After attending the press, Piqué spoke to his followers in Periscope:

Returning to Man United. "I'm very happy at Barcelona. United is my second club, but my future is here".

Cristiano's comments. "Everyone is free to express their own opinion".

Clásico. "We hope Barça win it, but we know that it's always difficult even though both of our situations are quite different right now".

River or Boca. "Masche has got me hooked on River, so a big Hi to all River fans. The Club World Cup final was a great experience and although we beat River, they deserved to be there".

The best club. "I think Barcelona is the best club in the world by a long chalk".

Messi or Maradona. "Messi, easily"

Neymar joining Real Madrid?. "I'll bet my arm that Ney never goes to Real Madrid. He likes Barcelona a lot, he loves this club and I think he'll remain here for many years to come".