14 years ago today, Deportivo pulled off the 'Centenariazo'

On the day Real Madrid were celebrating their 100th birthday, they took on Deportivo in the Copa del Rey final at the Santiago Bernabéu...

On this day in 2002, Real Madrid and Deportivo contested the Copa del Rey final - the game was played unusually early as the Federation had decided to stage it to coincide with another red letter day - Real Madrid's 100th birthday.

Lining up for Vicente del Bosque's Madrid side that night were Zidane and Figo - the two transfer record-breaking 'galáctico' signings from the previous two summers. The latter, with a niggling ankle injury, was touch and go to make the game and played after taking painkilling injections.

Madrid's starting XI read: César; Salgado, Hierro, Pavón, Roberto Carlos; Figo, Makélélé, Helguera, Zidane; Raúl and Morientes. (Solari, Guti and McManaman came on in the second half). Javier Irureta meanwhile fielded: Molina; Scaloni, César, Naybet, Romero; Víctor, Sergio, Mauro Silva, Fran; Valerón; Diego Tristán, with Capdevila, Aldo Duscher and Djalminha appearing later - the latter two in the last five minutes.

The Bernabéu was rammed, madridistas convinced that their team would lift the Cup - an overconfident, presumptuous attitude which visiting coach Irureta lamented in his pre-match press conference on the eve of the match.

Prior to kick-off, fans were warmed up with music from Café Quijano and contestants from reality programme Operación Triunfo.

But instead of a great celebration, Madrid's birthday ended a wash-out. Depor won the match 2-1 and took the trophy with them back to A Coruña. The following day headlines read 'Centenariazo' as Spain, or at least Real Madrid, suffered their very own version of the Maracanazo.