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Mourinho signs pre-contract with Manchester United

According to Spanish newspaper El Pais the ex-Real Madrid coach has a pre-contract agreed guaranteeing him 20 million euros in the event that he doesn't join the English giants.

Mourinho signs pre-contract with Manchester United
Stephen Lock

Jose Mourinho has signed a pre-contract with Manchester United to manage the English club, according to Spanish newspaper El País (link in Spanish). According to their report the pre-contract stipulates two key dates which would trigger payments to the Portuguese manager if the club have not fully signed him up by then: after 1 May Manchester United would have to pay 6.5 million euros (5m GBP) to Mourinho; if a final deal is not done by 1 June then the sacked Chelsea manager would be in line for an additional 13 million euros (10m GBP).

According to El País a pre-contract has been signed rather than an out-and-out deal because, although Mourinho has been clear that he wants to take over from Louis van Gaal, United are not yet in a position to commit to the Portuguese coach due to reservations high up within the club.

Vice-chairman of the English giants, Ed Woodward, is, according to the report, very keen to bring Mourinho on board, however club legends Sir Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton are less sure about the appointment.

If true these reports would appear to put an end to speculation that Jose Mourinho could return to Real Madrid, the club he left in June 2013.

Here's how El País broke their story on Twitter: