Tebas: "PSV must kick troublemakers out ASAP"

LaLiga president Javier Tebas says he is happy that the Dutch club have identified five of the fans who were involved in humiliating Romanian beggars in Madrid's Plaza Mayor.

LaLiga president Javier Tebas says he is happy and relieved that PSV Eindhoven have identified five of the club's supporters who were involved in publicly humiliating beggars in Madrid's Plaza Mayor in the hours running up to the Champions League Last 16 return leg against Atlético.

Yesterday, PSV issued a statement to announce that five of those involved and were caught on camera have been identified - three of them are known to the club. The club added that those implicated will be summoned to be questioned about the incident and will later be issued with a fine. PSV went on to say that it is "open to any kind of dialogue with Spanish security services" in case a legal complaint is formally filed. General Manager Toon Gerbrands described the behaviour of the club's travelling supporters as "scandalous", going on to add: "The behaviour of a few has tarnished the club's reputation. It's shameful for the 3,800 fans who travelled to the game and according to the Spanish police, behaved perfectly; and they have been wrongly associated with these atrocious acts. PSV has a good reputation but it has been severely damaged during the last few days. We only hope that this was a one-off incident and won't happen again".

Javier Tebas gave his response today, saying: “I'm very happy about this. We have to put a stop to this kind of behaviour and those who were involved should feel the full force of the law. LaLiga works very hard to make sure that everything before, during and after games, takes place without incidents. The clubs are also reponsible and PSV must kick these people out of their club as soon as possible. Too often the crisis is used to justify these ill-mannered and violent thugs and that is wrong. It's always the same ones and we have to put an end to it".