"I wouldn't mind appearing on Piqué's Periscope..."

Del Bosque on his future: "When we leave it will be will all of the consequences that go with it. I'm not going to be the shadow hanging over whoever takes the reins"

"I wouldn't mind appearing on Piqué's Periscope..."

Vicente Del Bosque spoke to Radio Marca just before he gave his pre-match press conference ahead of tomorrow's meeting with Romanía in Cluj. The coach analyzed the technical aspects of Spain's game, spoke about the definitive list for EURO 2016 and mulled over Piqué's experiments with Periscope...

Is Spain better or worse than before? "I think that this international break has helped us to return to normality and settle back into work. It's been four months since we were last together and it's always good for the players to have contact with each other. We haven't done a great deal of training but some things are ingrained and I don't have to remind the players about them".

Style of play: "Our intention is to try and change it. We reviewed the stats from the last match and we had more possession than Italy but we were a little too hasty at times. Sometimes having too much possession can be harmful. We overdid our passing at the back and it's better to have the idea of moving the ball forward".

Favourites at EURO 2016: "There a top seed in every group. In the group featuring Belgium and Italy ther are two, but it's pretty much a level playing field. All of our rivals are organized, have quality and any team is capable of beating another".

Are you relaxed about the Euros? "Relaxed, no, not really; we have a great deal of responsibility for what we have done in the recent past. We won the last edition and that put extra obligations onto us. All of us feel that extra responsibility".

The list for these international fixtures could be the definitive one? "It's a preliminary list not the definitive one because we have two months ahead of us but having said that, there won't be a grea deal of changes. The list isn't closed to anyone".

The future: "We have to look to the future and we will be judged on our most recent performances. The only thing that worries us is complying with the obligations we have. We don't want to rest on our laurels and live off what we have done in the past. We have got to look ahead and do it in the best way possible"·.

Cruyff: "He has a lot to do with the style of football Spain plays. Spanish football has had a lot of good fathers - we benefitted from the arrival of foreign coaches, and the previous national team coach too... But it's true that Cruyff instilled a style at Barça which is still in use today".

Piqué's Periscope: "If it's something which can generate a good atmosphere, give information etcetera, I have no problem with it. There should always be a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and that's what we always try to have. Everyone's got their own ways of being and players like Piqué give us a fresh, modern approach and that's good for football".