Aleix pulls no punches: “At a pinch, I'll go for another 4-0”

The Barça full-back admitted that "it will be difficult" to gain a repeat result of the Bernabéu meeting between the two sides when they meet this weekend.

Aleix pulls no punches: “At a pinch, I'll go for another 4-0”

Aleix Vidal hosted Thursday press conference, just two days before Barcelona play host to Real Madrid in El Clásico. The full-back, who hasn't been gaining as much playing time as he would have liked since the FIFA ban was lifted, sais he accepts his role in the squad, lauded team mate Dani Alves and predicted a rsounding win for the Catalans this weekend.

First Clásico experience: “ We know how special this game is. I haven't been lucky enough to have been on the winning side against Real Madrid and I hope I have my first experience on Saturday”.

Cruyff: “There's not a lot else you say say or do because we all know what Johan meant and what he deserves. Now we just need to 'finish the job off' as Iniesta said and dedicate it to him”.

Bale said that if Madrid win, the league's back on: “Everyone is free yo voice their opinion. We're focused on winning, we know what we have to do and how to play against Madrid. It's a contest between the two best sides in the world and so anything could happen. I just hope the points stay at home”.

Will next week's meeting with Atlético be on your minds? “A team like ours is capable of playing many games in succession. We've got the best players in the world and that won't affect us. We'll fight to the death from kick-off to win”.

For the positions of both teams in the table, could this Clásico be a little more decaffinated than previous ones? “As a football fan myself, I followed it from the outside. When I was at Sevilla, I wasn't able to experience the derby because Betis were in the Second Division but it's a dream to experience it on the inside”.

What kind of Real Madrid are you expecting to face? “They'll be motivated but no more than we will be. We'll be playing with our people behind us, with all of our arms. We're hopeing to collect all three points”.

Would like to be playing more? “It's not a question of liking something or not. Barça's style of play is different to what I am used to and adapting isn't easy because ahead of me in the pecking order if the best right-back in the world. I won't change - it's the coach who makes the decisions here. Some games I've played from the start, others I've come on as a sub, and in others I haven't featured at all. I know where I am, and what I can contribute. I know that in the end I will adapt well”.

What would you prefer - a repeat of the Bernabéu scoreline or sentencing the league title race now? “Loking at it that way, either of those two options would be fine by me. We have the chance to go 13 points clear plus have the head-to-head advantage. It would be a statement of intent on our part. At a pinch, I'll go for a repeat of the Bernabéu (4-0) but that will be difficult”.