Barcelona - Atlético Madrid

Fernando Torres to start against Barcelona in Champions League

Torres and Simeone

Atletico Madrid vs Las Palmas

Diego Simeone, the Atlético Madrid coach, spoke after today's 5-1 win over Betis, and was asked about the up-coming match against Barcelona in the Champions League. And the big news is that the Atleti coach confirmed that Fernando Torres will be starting in the match on Tuesday night. “Yes, he’s going to play, I spoke to him before today’s match. He only played 60 minutes today so he would be ready for Barcelona”, said Simeone.

The Atleti coach was, almost predictably, also asked about the big match happening in Barcelona on Saturday evening, a certain Barcelona-Real Madrid, and what result he would take from that: “It’s not about what we want. We’ve done our job. If Madrid win, we’re six off the top. And if Barça win, we’re four ahead of Madrid. I keep saying the same thing, we’re working to be in a position to have the chance of challenging Barcelona to the very end of the season.”

Simeone was also asked how he thought the game against Barcelona in the Champions League would play out. “Every game we’ve played against them has been different. We’re preparing ourselves as well as we can so the game goes the way we want it to”, he said.