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Marcelo ridiculed on social media after his headbutt dive

In the 70th minute of the Wolfsburg-Real Madrid match, Marcelo headbutted Wolves player Arnold, before falling over. Social media was quick to take note.

Marcelo ridiculed on social media after his headbutt dive

One of the stranger moments of the week took place in the 70th minute of Real Madrid’s 2-0 loss against Wolfsburg. With the play whistled dead, Marcelo seemed to flick his leg back towards Wolfsburg goalscorer Arnold. The Wolfsburg player appeared to shout at the Madrid left-back and Marcelo responded by heabutting Arnold in an act reminiscent of his manager Zidane’s headbutt in the 2006 World Cup final.

The main difference between the two incidents was the fact that Marcelo was the one to fall to the ground. Although he was the offender, Marcelo fell to the floor as soon as his soft bouncy curls hit Arnold’s chest.

Arnold received a yellow card.

Marcelo was roundly mocked on social media for his actions. Many said he deserved an Oscar for his dive, while others chose to criticise the headbutt, saying that Zidane needs to teach Marcelo how to do it properly. Arnold even had his own response after the match, saying he was jealous of Marcelo's locks.