"Dancing with wolves": world's press goes to town on Madrid

"Disaster, failure, catastrophe..." The papers laid into Real Madrid on Thursday morning, with only Gareth Bale saving some face.

"Dancing with wolves": world's press goes to town on Madrid

The world’s press got stuck into Real Madrid after Zinedine Zidane’s side were defeated 2-0 in Wolfsburg on Wednesday night. German media spoke of a “miracle” while some papers praised Gareth Bale’s performance.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy): “Madrid take a nap” “There was a surprise; Wolfsburg beat Real Madrid 2-0 to leave Europe open-mouthed. Zidane’s side, who beat Barcelona on Saturday, fell into Hecking’s trap and were hunted down by the German side’s counter-attacks.”

L'Equipe (France): "Real’s nightmare” “A penalty conceded by Casemiro allowed Wolfsburg to get off the mark. Madrid fell from a great height in Germany.”

Bild (Germany): "Real disintegrate; the miracle of Wolfsburg.” Europe, amazed by Wolfsburg. 11 wolves and the semi-finals are now closer.

Daily Mail (England): “Madrid crash back to earth” “What a difference, there were no selfies in the dressing room at the Volkswagen Arena. Real started the match with post-Clasico arrogance that disappeared after Zidane’s side underestimated the eighth-placed team in the Bundesliga.”

Daily Mirror (England): "Champions League in shock" “Wolfsburg are not here just to make up the numbers. Sergio Ramos’ poor season is a concern and his decline of last year has continued. Did Zidane make a mistake. Danilo did not look like a 30 million euro full back.”

O Jogo (Portugal): "Epic comeback or adiós” “Beaten in Wolfsburg, Real in trouble in Champions League quarters. Ronaldo, little inspired, like the rest of Zidane’s side.”

Récord (Mexico): "What a slip-up!” "Wolfsburg surprised everybody in the Champions League quarterfinals with a 2-0 win over Real Madrid.”

Globoesporte (Brazil): "Dancing with wolves" "Keylor Navas: from not conceding a goal in 738 minutes to being beaten twice in seven.”

Mundo Deportivo: "Complete disaster in Wolfsburg" "Disaster, failure, catastrophe... any of these words serves to define what happened to Real Madrid in Wolfsburg.

Sport: "Alcorconazo, German style" "Real Madrid’s engine spluttered at the worst moment of the season. Zidane’s side were shipwrecked after a first half to forget, in which Gareth Bale was the only response Real had.”