"Worst dive ever?" Marcelo's acting skills examined

Pundits and papers went to work on Marcelo after the Brazilian's dive against Wolfsburg: “It’s amazing how his legs stopped working,” said Roy Keane.

"Worst dive ever?" Marcelo's acting skills examined

Pundits poured scorn on Marcelo for his play-acting during Real Madrid’s 2-0 loss in Wolfsburg on Wednesday night. In the 70th minute, the Brazilian appeared to headbutt opposition player Arnold and then threw himself dramatically to the floor, clutching his face, in an attempt to get the Wolfsburg man sent off.

Former managers Glenn Hoddle and Roy Keane gave their verdicts on the incident after the game: “Marcelo went down like he’d been shot. It’s shameful and embarrassing,” said ex-England coach Hoddle.

“It’s amazing how his legs stopped working,” added Keane.

The Daily Mail went further still, putting the story at the top of its website. “Is this the worst dive ever? Watch Marcelo’s embarrassing attempt to get Wolfsburg rival sent off as Real crash to defeat.”

The tabloid added: “Marcelo showed off his acting skills against Wolfsburg.”

The Sun drew comparisons with Rivaldo’s effort at the 2002 World Cup, when the former Brazil forward went down with his hands to his face after being hit in the knee with a ball.