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"Marcelo's a diva, he deserved red" - Hecking

The Wolfsburg manager was hugely critical of Marcelo's theatrics against his team during their Champions League quarter final first leg match.

"Marcelo's a diva, he deserved red" - Hecking

 When Marcelo brushed his curly tendrils against Max Arnold's chest and then threw himself backwards theatrically holding face, the whole world fell about laughing. The whole world apart from Arnold and Hecking, that is, as the Wolfsburg manager was furious in his criticism of the Real Madrid player's attempt to get Arnold sent off.

"Marcelo is an actor, I told him he should abandon the interpretative performances", said Dieter Hecking, after his side's victory over Real Madrid.

"It doesn't belong in our world, it's very unsporting", concluded the German manager, who was delighted with the result and his team's performance.

Hecking wasn't the only critic of Marcelo's flamboyant simulation, much of the British press was appalled by the Brazilian's colourful attempt to get an opposition player sent off.