Atlético claimed a penalty for a Piqué handball

The Barcelona player fell onto the ball in the area, but referee Rizzoli didn't award a spot-kick. It didn't appear that he deliberately played the ball with his hand.

Piqué penalty against Atleti

Atlético demanded a penalty in the 27th minute of this evening's Champions League game against Barcelona, when Piqué fell on the ball in the box after a tussle with Carrasco.

Atleti's Belgian player claimed that the Barça defender had touched the ball with his hand as he fell, and the Calderón backed up his demands for a spot-kick. Italian ref Rizzoli though was having none of it, and waved play on, despite the protestations from the home side.

Replays weren't conclusive, and while photos appeared to show that Piqué's hand did make contact with the ball, there didn't appear to be any deliberate intent on his part to handle it.