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Senna: "We didn't want to meet Sevilla in the semis"

The ex-player and now Public Relations officer at Villarreal was happy that the 'Submarine' were not pitted against the other Spanish side in the draw

Senna: "We didn't want to meet Sevilla in the semis"

Ex-player and now Public Relations officer at Villarreal Marcos Senna gave his reaction to today's Europa League semi-final draw, saying he is happy that the 'Submarine' will not play an all-Spanish semi-final.

No all-Spanish semi-final: "It's an historic ground, a nice place to play. It's going to be very complicated as now there are no easy teams. It's what we wanted, we didn't want to meet Sevilla at this stage as we want to meet them in the final"

Liverpool: "We will need to be strong in the first leg, at home, and continue along the same path we've been on in the previous rounds. The team's well prepared physically and mentally. We'll try to win the home leg and after that, we'll see. The first thing you think about when you're talking about Liverpool is their great history; they are a club which is used to winning trophies. Then there are their fans - I'm sure it's going to be a great atmosphere over there, but complicated too".

Favourites to go through: "There isn't one. The four teams who are left have got here for their own merits and right now there are no favourites. We have to be alert in both games because this is a semi-final. The team which makes the fewest mistakes will go through to the final".