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Bale foresaw Barcelona collapse and Real Madrid's chance

After the Clásico the Real Madrid striker explained why he thought his side could still win LaLiga.

Bale foresaw Barcelona collapse and Real Madrid's chance

After the euphoric LaLiga win for Real Madrid in the Camp Nou (1-2), Gareth Bale spoke about the possibility of Real Madrid being in the title race. A faint hope at that point for even the most optimistic supporters with Barcelona 7 points ahead.

"You never know, football does funny things to teams when you lose", said Bale. And how right he was. Barcelona had been on a incredible unbeaten streak up to the Clásico, but once Real Madrid broke the aura of invincibility things have gone all downhill for Luis Enrique's side: they've thrown away their lead in the Liga (they are now level with Atleti and just one point ahead of Real Madrid after the defeat to Valencia at the Camp Nou) and despite managing to beat Atleti in the Champions League quarter-final first leg, Simeone's men turned that deficit around at the Calderón to knock Barça out of the Champions League.

Many had a wry smile on their face when they heard Bale say that Real Madrid still believed in winning the league, but as of now it looks like the Welshman was on to something. Five games left, just one point separates the top three, and the momentum is most definitely not with Barcelona... losing can indeed do funny things to you.