"If you told me 3 weeks ago that LaLiga was still on , I wouldn't have believed you."

The Porto goalkeeper was doing some publicity in Madrid and spoke about the current situation in the league, his future and much more...

iker Casillas
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Iker Casillas spoke about what was going on in LaLiga while in Madrid for some promotional work for shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders. He also opened up about the upcoming Euro Championships in France and Del Bosque.

LaLiga run-in: it's an exciting league. The fact that Madrid are actually in with a fighting chance when it looked impossible is good for everyone. There are three great teams but I hope that in the end it's Madrid that wins."

Barcelona's defender Gerard Pique kneels with his face in his hands during the game against Valencia

Drawing parallels: For Madrid this season may have similarities with that of capello and I hope that it ends the same way. Back then we clung to the title race as we had nothing else to go for. The best thing is that they've comeback into it and have built expectations."

Zidane: "Hopefully Zidane succeeds. We have all enjoyed what he achieved as a footballer and here's hoping that he brings lots of glory to Madrid as a coach."

Barça crisis: "I don't know the reasons for the crisis at Barça, I've never been in that locker room. When the ball doesn't want to go in, everything is a crisis with bad results. If you told me 3 weeks ago that this was going to happen, I wouldn't have believed you. I'm glad because Madrid are now close, something that seemed impossible before."

Retirement: "I saw Rafa Nadal at the weekend and he said to me, 'while I'm still enjoying it I'm going to keep going.' I can use this phrase for myself: as long as I'm enjoying it I'll not leave the game, although I know I'm 34 and can't go on forever."

Manchester United's David De Gea stands in Iker's Euro place.

Manchester United's David De Gea stands in Iker's Euro place.

Euro 2016: "I don't like talking too much about the Euros while I'm still not confirmed to be in it. I have to wait for Vicente's list. If I go, I'll fight and fight as I've always done for the national team. De Gea or me? Well, if De Gea plays, at least you'll have some headlines.(laughs)"

Champions League: "Madrid is favorite. Barca and Bayern were the strongest, but after seeing Atletico eliminate the defending champions you also have to consider them. All four teams can make it to Milan".

Arbeloa-Piqué: "It's fine that each of them defends their interests, but I am convinced that if they were both sat around a table it wouldn't be the same as what is being seen on social networks".

The future. "I have a contract and I will continue with Porto until 2018. We have the cup final to secure at least one title this season."