Paco: "Shake up the league? No, we only want to save ourselves"

Paco Jemez promises that his side will "play well and stand up to Real Madrid", adding that Cristiano's absence is "a small advantage but bad for the show".

Paco: "Shake up the league? No, we only want to save ourselves"

Under presure. We're not under any pressure. One of the good things about this club is that we can work without pressure. All we have is excitement, enthusiasm and the desire to help our people. If you look at where we are in terms of budgets and spending power, we're four or five positions above where we should be. The emotions we are feeling right now are happiness and determination to keep competing in all of the games that remain.

The 'Zidane effect' at Real Madrid. It's not for me to judge other coaches because I am aware of the difficulties which go with managing a group of people. I have never evaluated a fellow professional, and I've never been critical or negative. Zidane deserves great merit for being able to manage a very complicated group of players and a complicated subs' bench. I only wish him well, I hope he triumphs and enjoys his job; I don't know whether he's experienced or not, but I understand the load he has to carry, and the results he's been getting are the best endorsement of what he's done.

Is it possible to beat Real Madrid? I think it's possible to beat them, and complicated and difficult too. Our people, our fans, demand that we show determination and commitment and that is what we are going to do for them. I know it's a tall order to try and beat Madrid but in our minds, we won't be thinking about anything other than trying to take a decent result from the game.

Revenge for the last meeting at the Bernabéu. We're not seeking revenge, we have more important things to think about. Trying to get our own back would be wasting energy.

Cristiano ruled out. I'm sorry for Cristiano that he won't be able to come to Vallecas, I know how much he likes it here. I hope he makes a speedy recovery because he's an important player for them and perhaps even the team's emblematic player. They have an ample enough squad to make sure he won't be missed too much but it's a shame for the fans because more than an advantage for us, it's to the detriment of the game in terms of entertainment value.

Who would you like to see win the league? The team that isn't going to win it - us. It's difficult to predict what will happen. Barcelona made a statement by thrashing Deportivo but no one can say how things will develop in the remaining games. I think it'll either be Barcelona or Atlético de Madrid.

Today's training session.

If Rayo beat Madrid, that might shake up the title race a bit... That depends on what point of view you're looking at it from. For the madridistas, we'd be screwing them over in LaLiga, but we'd be saving ourselves, because we're up to our necks in the shit. We hope everyone respects our situation as well as their own.

Bale galavanting off to Cádiz to watch golf and returning injured. I would have been very annoyed about that because I would have liked to have gone with him. Each and every one of us have our own needs and maybe he needed to disconnect with a few rounds of golf - when I need to clear my mind that's exactly what I do, I spend a while on the golf course.

Staying alive. I think one win will be enough for us to reach safety. Judging from the experience of other seasons, I calculate that 37 points should be enough.