"I hope Cristiano and Benzema are fit for Wednesday"

"I really hope that there is no risk for both players for the game against City. We can't take chances" stated Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane.

"I hope Cristiano and Benzema are fit for Wednesday"

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the assembled media this morning ahead of his teams visit to San Sebastian to face Real Sociedad.tomorrow (kick-off 16:00)

Are you worried about your players consulting physios not connected to the club?

I'm worried every time a player of mine is injured and the important thing is that they fully recover. We can't afford any risks with Cristiano or Karim and I  just want them back fit as soon as possible..

Are you anxious to resolve these medical disputes going forward?

This is a matter for the club and not an issue that I want to get involved with. I'm focused on the game in San Sebastian and don't wish to discuss this any further.

What are your feelings if Benzema and Cristiano are missing for Wednesday?

I can't express my thoughts, I just went my players at 100% fitness.

Football Soccer - Spanish Liga BBVA - Rayo Vallecano v Real MadridReal Madrid's Karim Benzema in action.

What are the chances of Cristiano and Benzema making the City game? If they play could they risk missing the final?

I really hope that there is zero risk involved. I hope they are ready but can't be 100% sure. We need to focus on tomorrow's LaLiga game against Real Sociedad and we need to ensurer that we secure maximum points.

What exactly is the problem with Benzema?

I'm not a medical expert but he has a grade I hamstring tear. He'll be out for a period of six, seven, eight maybe more days. We can't be 100% sure. I hope he's ready for the City game but his season is far from over.

Cristiano has played more than 50 games this season and if he picks up an injury it's always towards the end of a season. Is he playing too much?

I don't think so, he rests well between games and know himself well..

Is Jesé ready to play in San Sebastián?

Jesé only suffered a knock and trained normally this morning.