Did Simeone chat on earpiece to Gabi during Atlético-Rayo match?

The Atleti manager chatted during the match to his goalkeeping coach, wearing an earpiece similar to one worn by Gabi in the dug-out. Simeone could face a serious punishment.

Did Simeone chat on earpiece to Gabi during Atlético-Rayo match?

Atlético coach Pablo Simeone was in the stands for today’s match against Rayo, having been banned for ordering a ballboy to throw a ball onto the pitch during a Málaga attack in their Liga encounter.

As part of the punishment, Cholo was also forbidden from communicating with his team in the dug-out.

Curiously though Atleti goal-keeping coach, Pablo Vercellone, was sat next to Cholo in the stands and spent the entire game talking to the Atleti manager. While wearing a rather fancy earpiece with attached microphone. And down in the dug-out, Atleti player Gabi was wearing a very similar piece of kit.

Who knows if the two were connected? Who knows who takes the credit for the substitution of the season: Griezmann was brought on in the 55 minutes and scored the first time he was involved.

If the Spanish football authorities decide Simeone was in fact communicating with the dug-out the potential punishment could be serious. The rules talk about a four to twenty game ban for minor offences, and six month bans for serious cases.

However, the referee didn't include the incident in his match report, meaning the Competition Committee can only take action if Rayo make an official complaint over the incident, or they take action on their own initiative, something they tend not to do.

Clemente Villaverde: "Simeone didn't use an earpiece"

Atleti's managing director, Clemente Villaverde, said after the match that it was entirely normal for Pablo Vercellone and Atleti staff on the bench to use earpieces. "The only thing I know is that Simeone didn't use an earpiece", he stated categorically.