UEFA asked about Liverpool and Sevilla trophy outcomes

As the English and Spanish sides set out to battle for the Europa League title, AS English asks UEFA about their "special recognition" for the possible Sevilla achievement.

UEFA asked about Liverpool and Sevilla trophy outcomes

The Europa League final teams have been decided and Liverpool will play Sevilla in Basel, Switzerland, on 18 May. We'll be covering all the build up to the game as well as live commentary on the night but we are already thinking through what could happen depending on the winners. It's not just any two teams that are there.

As you will almost certainly be aware if you have an interest in the competition, Liverpool are going for their fourth title (which will be added to their five Champions League/Euro Cup successes). This would equal the team with the most Europa League Trophies/UEFA Cups and that team is, you guessed it, Sevilla.

The Spanish side are therefore going for their record-stretching fifth title in Europe's second club competition which, as Liverpool, Real Madrid and AC Milan have already experienced in the Champions League, means they should get to keep the trophy with a new one being created for the subsequent champions. One interesting difference is that this would also be Sevilla's third consecutive title in the competition and the UEFA website states:

"Any club which wins the trophy three consecutive times or five times in total receives a special mark of recognition."

Upon reading this we wanted to if know a) what is that special mark of recognition and b) if the side from the Andalusian capital wins, will they get a double-special mark of recognition? So, we asked the people who decide:

We wanted to get an answer straight from the horse's mouth.

We'll update you as soon as we hear...