Álvaro Arbeloa: "Beef with Piqué? All I did was defend the club"

Speaking on Spanish radio, Arbeloa set the record straight about his decision to leave Madrid as well as his public fallouts with Casillas and the Barça defender. Juventus-Real Madrid live

Álvaro Arbeloa: "Beef with Piqué? All I did was defend the club"

Álvaro Arbeloa, who bowed out in front of the Bernabéu faithful on Sunday, appeared on Spain’s equivalent of Talk Sport, El Larguero, to speak about his decision to call it quits with his beloved Blancos, his beef with Gerard Piqué and Iker Casillas’ comments about his Real Madrid sending-off.

Greatest moment: “I have particularly fond memories of the time we celebrated winning the league with 100 points on the board. The atmosphere was incredible”.

Lowest moment: “When Bayern Munich dumped us out of the Champions League”.

Chances of winning LaLiga this year: “We could be crowned champions. The possibility still exists and we’ll be going to Coruña to win. Hopefully our friends in Granada can do us a favour”.

What are you most excited about, the league or the Champions League?: “The Champions League because that’s entirely in our hands”.

Future: “A move to Italy? Who knows? It would feel strange to come here with an opposition side. I did that once with Liverpool, but I hadn’t spent seven years with the first team at that stage”.

Accidentally kicking Casillas at Mestalla: “Our relationship wasn’t at its strongest point at the time, but the injury to his hand wasn’t the cause of our fallout, that was just a freak incident during a game.

Smoothing things over after fallouts: “Fortunately I’m not someone who holds onto resentment. That’s something that can destroy you. My relationship with Casillas is one of mutual respect”.

Iker’s message: “I’m very grateful because he didn’t need to [post a message on Facebook]. He must have been compelled to send it himself because no one would have made him”.

Piqué’s message: “He didn’t need to say anything either”.

Tension with Piqué: “I’m fine with everything. I defended my team and never disrespected Barça or any of their fans. I didn’t make any mistakes and if I did then I’ll continue making mistakes for the rest of my life because I wouldn’t do anything differently. I tried to be respectful and I believe I was. I will continue to stand up for Real Madrid. I don’t want anyone thrashing us”.