"Costa? We didn't want to take any risks with unfit players"

Del Bosque: "Torres had that same options as the rest, no more no less. The list is not generated based on public opinion".

"Costa? We didn't want to take any risks with unfit players"

Vicente del Bosque analysed his selection process at the Spanish FA this morning shortly after presenting his pre Euro 2016 provisional squad of 25 players.

Diego Costa: "We looked at everything but we really don't want to call up a player with uncertainly regarding their fitness. We decided against selecting him. Lucas Vázquez is a different situation as we're confident that he'll be fit imminently. He was set for the list before picking up his knock and that's why we called up 25 players".

Difficult selection process: "I only phoned one player before the announcement and that was Sergio Asenjo. It's always hard for me to oversee these selection processes but we have a limit."

Fernando Torres: "Torres had the same chance as everyone else. The process was carried out irrespective of public opinion".

Sin tituloAtletico Madrid's forward Fernando Torres

Cazorla and Alcácer: "If they had made the list then you (media) would have been questioning me about other players. Cazorla has been out of action for five months and despite his rehabilitation, we don't want to take any risks with non-fully fit players".

Iniesta: "We brought Iniesta in as we need him and have a great deal of faith in him"

The future post Euro 2016: "My only concern at present is the tournament. you all know my intentions afterwards but I'm always at the disposition of the Federation"

Casillas or De Gea: "We'll make that decision when the time comes around and at present I've no compromise with anyone"

A rough list to draft up?: "Each list is difficult in it's won right. I've been in this situation on bath sides and it's never easy".