Barcelona fans to use 10,000 Scottish flags after ban

Separatist associations in Catalonia will issue the saltires to fans for the final of the Copa del Rey where FC Barcelona take on Sevilla.

Barcelona fans to use 10,000 Scottish flags after ban

After the decision was made by the central government in Madrid to ban Barcelona fans from bringing Catalan flags into the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla, various pro-separatist groups have planned to hand out 10,000 Scottish flags which will be waved freely in the Calderon on Sunday evening.

These flags will be distributed at the associations' headquarters across Catalonia as well as in service stations on connecting motorways between Barcelona and Madrid, and in the Barça Fan Zone in the capital.

Barcelona to issue 10,000 Scottish flags for the Copa del Rey final

The Saltire (left), which forms part of the Union Jack (right), is a symbol that Catalonian separatists want to use to compare their cause to that of Scotland.

This action, according to the groups involved in its organisation, is to highlight the difference in treatment between the UK government and Scotland versus that of Spain's governement and Catalonia. "We want to decide our future as the Scottish people did," a spokesperson stated.