Koke: "Zidane's been in the job for 5 months, Simeone, 5 years"

The Atleti midfielder explained Diego Simeone's tactical philosophy to Gazzetta dello Sport. “It's a way of life applied to football”.

Koke: "Zidane's been in the job for 5 months, Simeone, 5 years"

Koke scrutinized Cholo Simeone's philosophy at Atlético de Madrid and described ‘Cholismo’ as a way of life applied to football. “What is Cholismo? It's a philosophy which is applied in the day to day workings of the club. It's about remaining totally focused, never losing concentration for one second, having intensity and a hunger for victory”, the player told Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport.

Regarding Saturday's final and a new opportunity against Real Madrid Koke said: “It's a huge chance, a magnificent opportunity. But it's not about revenge for us because we cannot rewind and look back to the past”.

Atlético have reached the Champions League final twice but never won the trophy, but Koke says the statistics count for nothing. “The stats are there to be broken. We are going to do everything possible to come home with the trophy”.

As for Simeone's coaching experience in comparison to Zidane's the midfielder feels that Atleti have the upper hand in that department. “Zidane's been in the job for five months and Simeone, five years. In that regard I think we have an advantage”.

Koke also mentioned Fernando Torres and says he feels a tinge of sadness that 'El Niño' won't be joining him in the Spain squad for EURO 2016: “Torres is happy. He's had a great season and I'd love it if we was going to the Euros, but that's up to the coach to decide”.