Ronaldo compares Zidane and Simeone as managers

El Fenómeno played alongside Cholo at Inter and Zizou at Real Madrid but admits he's not the biggest fan of the former's brand of football.

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima

The two men who will be taking charge of the team talks at the San Siro on Saturday night, Diego Simeone and Zinedine Zidane, share a former team-mate in common. Both the Argentinian and Frenchman lined-up alongside Ronaldo Nazário at different stages during their playing careers. 

The retired Brazil international coinicided with El Cholo at Inter Milan for two seasons and then went on to team up with Zizou at Real Madrid for a further four years. 

El Fenómeno compared the two managers during an interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport.

El Fenómeno with the new generation of galacticos.

"I always knew Simeone would go into management because he always showed an interest in tactics and team dynamics. I never would have predicted that Zidane would though, but I have to say he's made the team play better than before and has a real aptitude for the job".

Ronaldo was also full of praise for Atlético although he did have some criticisms to make about Simeone's approach to the game: "There are things Simeone channels through his team that I'm not a huge fan of. However, they're a good side, they close down space and counterattack quickly".

The World Cup winner thinks Simeone will take charge of Inter one day: "He and the club have a very strong bond, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him return and manage the Nerazzurri in the future".

The one-time Ballon d'Or also made a prediction ahead of the Champions League final: "Real Madrid will win 2-0 and Cristiano Ronaldo will score".