Attack in Barcelona on two Spanish supporters

Two volunteers from the 'Barcelona with the Spanish national side" association were attacked by five youngsters who shouted they were going to kill them.

The association Barcelona con la Selección (“Barcelona supporting the Spanish national side”), which works to support and promote the team, has denounced an attack on two of its volunteers on Saturday, as can be seen in the video. The supporters were manning a tent belonging to the association in the Sant Andreu district, promoting Spain and their upcoming campaign in the European Championships.

Spanish supporters attacked in Barcelona

“At 5pm on Saturday… a group of extremists, most wearing hoods… shouting ‘fucking Spaniards, get out of here, we’re going to kill you’ tore down the tent and what is even sadder and more lamentable, brutally attacked the two volunteers who were there at the time, pushing them and throwing them to the ground, hitting and kicking them and stealing the bag of one of them.

During the attack the other victim had the bad luck to fall in the middle of the street, suffering, according to the medical report, grazed skin, bruising, muscle spasms among other injuries.

The extremists ran off and have disappeared. The police were informed and have filed a report on the incident.

Just after [the initial incident] another car arrived and another group of extremists got out, once again attacking and insulting the victims, throwing liquids at them and spitting at them”, reads the communication from the supporters group.

Police investigating violent incident in Barcelona

The police have opened an investigation into the incident, while various local politicians, both pro- Spanish unity and pro-Catalan independence, have spoken out over the attack. The women who suffered the attack are still in shock over the incident, according to the Barcelona con la Selección association.