Atlético Madrid president, Cerezo, is confident Simeone will stay

Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético, also spoke about the renewal of Fernando Torres' potential new contract at the Madrid club.

Atlético Madrid president, Cerezo, is confident Simeone will stay
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The Atlético president was asked a variety of questions that were in the minds of the club's supporters and he answered simply and clearly.

What can you say to the Atlético fans who are worried about the possibility of Simeone leaving?

Well, they can sleep calmly because we still have four more years in his contract.

Who do you like most: Higuaín, Cavani or Fernando Torres?

Whoever scores the most goals, and wins us lots of titles. The technical team are working to tweak the team. But only this as it is going to be practically the same team that were runners-up in the Champions League and third in LaLiga.

Have you got over the disappointment of Milan?

You also feel bad and disappointed when you lose out on a title. But at Atlético we have always shown that we know how to win, and how to lose.

Atletico's Fernando Torres looks dejected after the Champions League final but hoping for a new contract with the club.

When will you announce Fernando Torres’ contract extension?

We are still talking, but it shouldn’t take long.

Do you think it was unfair that Saúl didn’t make Spain’s Euro squad?

For a quality player it’s always disappointing not to be there, but Saúl is going to be part of the national team because he’s a magnificent footballer.

Is there any chance that Morata could come to Atlético?

Are far as I’m aware, no chance. He’s not part of the technical team’s plan.

Alvaro Morata on Spain duty and unlikely to be heading to Atlético.