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"I'd rather lose a friendly, but it's a wake-up call for us"

The Real Madrid centre-back spoke to journaliasts about Tuesday's defeat to Georgia as the team arrived back in Las Rozas this afternoon.

"I'd rather lose a friendly, but it's a wake-up call for us"

Sergio Ramos spoke about last night's shock defeat to Georgia as the Spain squad arrived back at the Ciudad del Fütbol in Las Rozas this afternoon. The central defender admitted the mistakes which the team made at the Coliseum and said they must be learned from, although he stressed that if you are going to suffer a defeat, it's better to do so in a friendly rather than in official competition.

"We can learn from this defeat, it's a small wake-up call for us. It has to serve us, but if we going to slip up, I'd rather it happened yesterday than on Monday. We're all filled with excitement [about Euro 2016], we are obliged to defend the trophy and we'll be giving our very best. I don't think last night's result will dampen the spirits of our fans but it's clear that now we have to repay them for all of the love and confidence they have placed in us”, Ramos said.

The defender also spoke about the goalkeeping debate: “They're always going to be conflicts of opinion - not just for Iker and De Gea. It's good to have competition for places because it makes us improve but it will be the boss who decides who plays [in goal]”

Ramos also looked back over yesterday's defeat: “There were words of encouragement even after losing the game. Georgia won the match despite the 20,000 chances we created, but we couldn't put any of them away. Apart from the goal, they didn't have any chances. We did a lot of good things in the game. We've got a week to work and make sure we go into the Euros in the best form possible”.