Was Zanetti involved in Sepp Blatter's Uefa cold balls claim?

FIFA ex-president, Blatter, has claimed that cooled balls were used to fix draws for Uefa competitions. Twitter users have been sharing this Zanetti video as a potential example.

FIFA's disgraced ex-president Sepp Blatter has indicated that Uefa draws were rigged in an interview with Argentine paper 'La Nacion'. And this claim has had many searching the video vaults to see if they can find any evidence of such a scandal taking place.

One of these potential examples came in the form of Javier Zanetti during an earlier draw for the Champions League which took place in late 2015 where Roma and Real Madrid were matched together. In the video he doesn't do the best job at the ball shufflng moment and this seems to have people suspicious...even more so after Blatter's interview.

So, judge for yourself. Could this be an arranged draw ensuring that certain teams get favourable or unfavourable fixtures? Or is it just a man picking out a ball at random?