Juventus value Real Madrid target Pogba at 140 million

The French midfielder is the top target for Real Madrid but the financial valuations being placed on him by his club, his agent and himself could mean it's a long process.

It's all just a game

The signing of Pogba for Real Madrid has entered the now customary phase of cat and mouse. On the one hand, Real Madrid claim not to be willing to pay more than 90 million euros for the Frenchman. On the other, Juventus seem to have been letting it slip to the local press that the price for anyone wanting to purchase the player is 140 million. Quite a difference to be negotiated and not easy for both parties to leave the table satisfied. The midfielder is number one on Los Blancos' hit-list in an attempt to strengthen the Champions League winning squad but the figure quoted by the Italian club is likely to mean that the whole summer transfer window will be required if they are to be successful and that generally means more twists, turns, speculation...we've been here before.

Player wages and agent costs

Even Pogba can't demand the wages that this guy's on.

As if the financial differences between Madrid and Juventus were not a big enough obstacle, the player's agent, Mino Railoa, has already shared some further information with the Spanish club. His player will be looking to receive 30 million euros gross per season, becoming the second highest paid player at Real Madrid behind Cristiano Ronaldo - currently enjoying 21 million net (about 40 million gross). Pogba also apparently wants to charge his agent's commission, another 25 million euros, according to reports emerging from Italy.

Poor Euro form

Juventus - in the event that they lose one of their prized possessions - clearly want to make the Pogba transfer the most expensive in history, surpassing the 101 million euros for Bale. However, this may not be helped if the midfielder doesn't start impressing at the continent's showpiece tournament currently taking place in France. A poor showing in the opening 2-1 win for his country saw the player replaced when the game was in the balance at 1-1 and he came on halfway through the second game struggle against lowly Albania after starting on the bench. If he isn't able to stand out at this level, Madrid may have an argument for lowering the valuation.

Maybe he was being rested...or maybe 140 million is a touch over the valuation. We'll see what happens over the coming months.