David de Gea thanks his critics for the motivation on Twitter

The Spanish national team goalkeeper posted on Twitter that the criticism that has been pointed his way gives him motivation and that they'll keep fighting.

De Gea tweet

Following the national side's surprise defeat to Croatia in the final group D game - resulting in a second place finish for Spain and a much tougher run to the title - goalkeeper David de Gea has been widely criticised especially from many anonymous haters on social media.

In response to that, De Gea took to Twitter to thank the critics saying:

"You're only beaten if you lose your desire," he said via his official account. "Thanks for the criticism, it motivates me. Keep on fighting!"

What's the next response?

The 2-1 loss means that Spain have to play quietly impressive Italy in the next round and then would likely need to defeat Germany and France before a final against the best of the rest that fell on the other side of the draw.

The good news for followers of La Roja is that if that criticism proves to be the inspiration that drives David into the world class performances we know he's capable of then Del Bosque's troops have more than a chance of lifting that record third consecutive title.