Giuseppe Rossi feels Italy will edge it against Spain

"Se están jugando un gran torneo y todos tienen ganas de ganar y demostrar su talento. Es lo que están haciendo", dijo sobre el equipo italiano.

Giuseppe Rossi feels Italy will edge it against Spain

Former Villarreal and Levante centre-forward Giuseppe Rossi sees Italy as favourites to beat Spain in Monday night's Last 16 tie in Nice. Rossi says the Azzurri, traditionally one of Spain's bogey teams, are brimming with confidence.

"Italy are looking good to me. For me, they're favourites to beat Spain; It'll be difficult but I have a lot of faith in them", Rossi told Sky Sport.

The striker, who is currebtly on holiday in the United States, explained that Italy's players "are keen to show their talent" in the tournament.

"They're having a great tournament and all of them want to showcase their abilities. Up until now, that's what they've been doing", he continued. "Italy are a side who always fight more than the rest and they instinctly know when to score".