Zidane: Real Madrid signings revealed in coming weeks..."

Zidane was involved in an event in Merano, Italy where he talked football, past present and future with 200 young footballers.

Zinedine Zidane is still on holiday. Having passed through India, the Real Madrid manager is now spending a few days in Merano in the north of Italy with his family, where he took some time out to speak about football with about 200 kids currently learning the game in centres of footballing excellence around the region.

Zizou answered questions about the current state of football and Real Madrid, and hesitated when asked if he wants Florentino Perez to buy any player in Italy at the moment. Zidane's diplomatic skills were on show: "At this very moment none, but within a few weeks you'll know".

Zidane was also showered with questions about Euro 2016: "Italy's loss against Ireland wasn't such a big thing. It was a drop in intensity after two consecutive wins, it happens. Now Italy have to measure up against Spain, that's the important one. For me, it'll be like watching a final", explained Zidane.

Interrogated about who he thinks the better team, Zidane was clear: "The Spanish are a step ahead of the Italians". The Champions League-winning manager finished off by signing a multitude of autographs.