EURO 2016

Real Madrid, Atlético & Juventus have top scorers at Euro 2016

Ahead of the quarter finals, the players that have scored most goals at the tournament are representatives of both Madrid clubs. The Premier League is the most productive.

Eurocopa 2016, Real Madrid, Atlético.

As the quarter finals await us we look back on the forty four games that have already been played and top up the goals per club and per league.

Champions League influence

Real Madrid and Atlético played out the elite European club competition final just last month and it may come as no surprise that they also dominate in the Euro 2016 goal-scoring charts. Madrid have seen their players score six while their neigbours have been on target four times, the same as Italian side Juventus.

Madrid's goals have come thanks to Gareth Bale (Wales, 3) - currently top scorer along with Morata and Griezmann - Cristiano (Portugal, 2) and Modric (Croatia, 1). Both the Welshman and the Portuguese star still have unfinished business in the tournament.

Atlético can look at the three goals that Griezmann has notched for France as well as the single goal for Carrasco in the 3-0 win for Belgium over Hungary. Juventus can add the goal for Chiellini on to those of Morata for their total.

English positives

When it comes to leagues, the English Premier is running away with it with 22 goals from 18 different players. These players represent 13 different clubs. LaLiga are currently in second place with 14 goals with the Italian Serie A in third. Maybe the surprise is that in fourth place is the Turkish league which has seen their players score eleven goals.

Goals in Euro 2016 by club

Club League Goals Goal scorers
Real Madrid Spain 6 Bale (Wales, 3), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, 2) Modric (Croatia, 1)
Atlético Spain 4 Griezmann (France, 3) Carrasco (Belgium, 1)
Juventus Italy 4 Morata (Spain, 3) Chiellini (Italy, 1)
Fiorentina Italy 3 Blaszczykowski (Poland, 2) Kalinic (Croatia, 1)
Norwich England 3 Brady (Ireland, 2) Hoolahan (Ireland, 1)
Inter Italy 3 Perisic (Croatia, 2) Éder (Italy, 1)
Besiktas Turkey 3 Mario Gómez (Germany, 2) Quaresma (Portugal, 1)
Bursaspor Turkey 3 Dzsudzsak (Hungary, 2) Necid (Czech Republic, 1)
Fenerbahçe Turkey 3 Nani (Portugal, 2) Tufan (Turkey, 1)

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Goals in Euro 2016 by league

League Country Goals
Premier League England 22
La Liga Spain 14
Serie A Italy 13
Süper Lig Turkey 11
Bundesliga Germany 6
Premier Liga Russia 4
Bundesliga 2 Germany 2
Ligue 1 France 2
Super League Switzerland 2
Championship England 1
Super League China 1
Eredivisie Holland 1
Premiership Scotland 1
Nemzeti Bajnokság I. Hungary 1
Ekstraklasa Poland 1
Stars League Qatar 1
Synot Liga Czech Republic 1
Allsvenskan Sweden 1

Up to and including last 16