Mascardi confirm that Barcelona offered 80 million for Dybala

The founder of Grupo Mascardi, which represents footballers, has said that the Catalan club made a bid of double what the Bianconeri paid for him.

Paulo Dybala, during a Serie A match for Juventus.
Giorgio Perottino Reuters

Gustavo Mascardi, the founder of Grupo Mascardi, a group that represents the interests of players, has confirmed that Barcelona made a big money move for the Argentine.

According to Gazzamercato, Mascardi stated that the offer from the Catalan club was around 80 million euros and it was proposed to Juventus some months ago:

"When I talk with Paulo and his agent, Pierpaolo Triulzi, I know that the player is on the right track. A year ago both Inter and Milan wanted him but he was right to choose the club which would give him more security. And his career at Juventus has just begun."

Mascardi confirmed that the sum offered was double that which Juventus had paid for the player - which was 40 million from Palermo in 2015 - and went on to say:

Juventus will do all they can to prevent Dybala leaving this summer.

"The are many temptations in the transfer market but Paulo has shown that he has clear ideas. "It is true that in recent months Barcelona were interested - I think they made a bid of double what the Bianconeri paid."

Juventus fans can possibly relax, however, as there is a belief he is committed to the Italian champions:

"The player's first consideration was that it was more important to consolidate his experience at a club which is giving him the opportunity to succeed at the highest level."