Paco Jémez says he would be "delighted" to take the Spain job

Paco Jémez spoke to AS about the possibility of him taking the Spain job: "Whoever steps in will have their ideas and there's no need to wipe the slate clean and start afresh".

Paco Jémez says he would be "delighted" to take the Spain job
Pepe Villoslada DIARIO AS

Paco Jémez, who recently was appointed as new coach at Granada, spoke to AS about being among the list of candidates to take over as national team coach with Spain should Vicente del Bosque decide to leave.

Do Granada fans sympathise with the clause in your contract which would release you should you be offered the Spain job?
Yes, it's simple to explain: These kinds of clauses are only included when there is a possibility of something as important as the Spain job arises and will only come into effect if the Federation comes knocking to say they are interested. 

In other words, there is a serious chance that you could become the next Spain coach?
These clauses stipulate that such objectives can be attained with relative ease - but it doesn't depend on that alone…after the faith that Granada have deposited in me and the pride that I have to be a part of this project, the club would then have to give me their blessing to take on such a privileged role. If they tell me I xcan't leave, the clause won't come into effect.

Wouldn't such a scenario enrage you?
Of course I'd be a little bit angry but if that's the way it is, I'd have to accept it. Although I understand that if Granada have accepted the clause it's because they respect it and I wouldn't start stamping my feet if they objected.

And if the opposite happened?
Nothing because at this moment I am a professional, under contract and tied to a club. I made the decision to sign for Granada and I will never regret doing that; whatever happens, happens.

It must mean a lot to take on the national team post?
Of course, you have to be aware that managing the best football players in any country is a huge privilege. That the Federation might knock on your door is almost unthinkable. I'd be absolutely delighted.

Some commentators have noted that you would be in favour of continuing with the style of football we have seen at Rayo in recent seasons...
You have to see your ideas through and not be chopping and changing. Whoever steps in will have their ideas; there's no need to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. And besides, even if Del Bosque continues, there are going to be changes, because come of the players are getting on now and there are others behind them making a claim for their chance; it's the law of life.