James likely to leave Madrid to allow more non-EU players

Casemiro, Danilo, James and Lucas Silva currently occupy non-EU places and Madrid will need a vacant slot if they're to sign Brazilian, Gabriel Jesús.

Real Madrid, like other European rivals, have a barrier to overcome when trying to make signings of players from non-EU countries, as is the case with the move for Gabriel Jesús. Currently there are four players in the Madrid squad without a European passport - Casemiro, Danilo, James and Lucas Silva - but only three slots available for the upcoming season.

The club has already made it clear to Lucas Silva that he can look for alternatives, with Porto and Sampdoria looking the most likely destinations. This still leaves Los Blancos with a problem though.

Colombia midfielder James Rodriguez likely to be moved on to make space for other non-EU players.

James is the first of the group that can apply for dual nationality. In August he will complete two consecutive years working in Spain which entitles him to apply under current regulations, however, they stipulate that this would then only free up a place from the beginning of the following season, 2017-18. Casemiro and Danilo will not be able to apply until 2018.

Even with this advantage that James gives the club, it is still considered most likely that he will be the one to move away from the Spanish capital as his value can be used to help fund the desired purchase of Pogba, seen as this summer's Galactico signing. Zidane doesn't see the Colombian as an important figure in the coming season and therefore this is probably the best outcome for everyone involved.