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Carla Romerá: French girl who won Irish hearts on viral video

Student, lifeguard and part-time model, this is the 19 year-old beauty who won Irish hearts and went viral after she was serenaded by the green horde: 'Too good to be true'.

Irish fans won hearts at Euro 2016 for their high spirits, tyre changing skills, helping grannies across the road, singing babies to sleep and the general 'craic' that the Irish always bring to the table.

There was one girl who won their hearts, however, and they let her know through song, serenading her on the streets to the tune of 'Can't take my eyes off you', she couldn't resist recording the moment on her phone: 

🔝🍀Le top ces irlandais🍀🔝 Ils aiment bien les françaises je crois 😂✌ #delire#euro2016#irish#france#bordeaux#france

Un vídeo publicado por ~ CARLA ROMÉRA ~ (@carla_rm_) el

 She later spoke to the local newspaper SudOuest” about how the Irish did it "beautifully and with a great sense of humour. They asked me to choose someone to give a little kiss, and I picked one boy with nice eyes", explained Carla. "It was just a kiss on the cheek because I have a boyfriend. I'm proud of the Irish, it was a magical moment".

Carla, who is a student and lifeguard also does some part-time modelling work, has shot into public view after the video of the serenade went viral, she now has more than 48,000 followers where she shares images such as these:

⚫ B O D Y ⚪ #body#fit#fitness#girl#french#sportslife#blackandwhite#photography#model#weekend#bordeaux#aquitaine#france

Una foto publicada por ~ CARLA ROMÉRA ~ (@carla_rm_) el

📷 SHOOT 📷 #model#girl#shooting#goodmoments#loveit#top#bordeaux#france#picoftheday

Una foto publicada por ~ CARLA ROMÉRA ~ (@carla_rm_) el