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Ibrahimovic and Pogba in the same Los Ángeles restaurant?

Did Ibrahimovic try to convince Paul Pogba to make the switch to Manchester United in a Los Angeles restaurant? The owner posted pictures with both players on Tuesday..

Ibrahimovic and Pogba in the same Los Ángeles restaurant?

Paul Pogba is the hottest property of this summer's transfer window, of that there is no doubt, despite his €100M+ pricetag. The French midfielder was in Los Angeles at the Espys ESPN awards and may have met with Zlatan Ibrahimovich in a downtown restaurant.

Manchester United are pulling out all the stops to get Paul Pogba's autograph on a long and pricey contract, with much more than 100 million euro available for Mourinho's first marquee signing. Was Zlatan a special envoy sent by the Special One?

The alignment of the stars happened in Bobby Chinn's restaurant, who later clarified in an instagram post that: 

"Ladies & gentlemen, let me clarify matters and set the record straight. I do not disturb celebrities in their free time, especially when they are with their families having dinner. However, in this given moment, a freind of mines son was very excited to see Ibrahimovic and I could not help myself. Nobody knew who they were and they dined undisturbed other then a very quick photo opp that took no more then 10 seconds, the magnitude of such stardom coupled with the #football transfer rumours with, #mufc interest in #pogba, knowing that #mourinho wants him and #Ibrahimovic #ibra_official, is already signed, and here they are in #losangeles eating in a swank restaurant TOGETHER, with their families. I heavily doubt they met to talk about #ronaldo, or maybe they did! As a #lfc supporter, which I confessed to both of them, I'd love to see them both at #mufc, it only makes the #premierleague an even greater spectacle, especially with #cfc signing #conte #mcfc signing #guardiola will make it an even more exciting season. It just gets better and better!

Pogba didn't say he was joining any club and I am sorry to speculate, but these two superstars were having dinner with their families together. A dinner that could have not taken place anywhere else without being disturbed by the press.

I did not recognize Pogba initially as he was wearing his cap, but they were both very gracious, humble and accommodating.. At the end of the evening, as they were waiting for their cars, valet drivers took note and the photo opps were taking place with some totally clueless of who they were.. I turned to a beautiful women and asked her as she looked on a little dumbfounded by the fuss 'do you know who he is?' And she turns to me 'of course I do! He's my husband!'

I could not help but laugh. Minutes later Pogba, Ibrahimovic and their families all stood together and with Pogba's wife out of the photo holding her phone looked at me and gave me her phone to take the family portrait. They have some great shots taken by moi Bobby style!

Below is Michael Hosking the great music concert promoter based in Asia who's son was the first to recognize them."