Pokémon GO

Will Ronaldo or Messi be caught playing Pokémon GO first?

The biggest craze of the summer, Pokémon GO, is about to hit Spain. Will Ronaldo or Messi be caught playing it first.

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Will Ronaldo or Messi be caught playing Pokémon GO first?

Pokémon GO is the craze of the summer

Pokémon Go is the smash-hit computer game of the summer, as people around the world (or at least in the countries where it's available), smartphone in hand, head to the streets, parks and even football stadiums as they attempt to find Pokémon out in the real world, in order to capture them and then train them up to do battle with fellow trainers near significant landmarks.

Pokémon Go, will Ronaldo or Messi be caught playing

Trying to catch a Pokémon

Pokémon Go runs using Google Maps and an augmented reality engine. It's been so popular, boosting Nintendo's share price 50% and being downloaded so many times, it's release has been delayed in many countries, with Spain still waiting for the game to be officially released.

And that's led to Spaniards setting up fake iTunes accounts in countries where the game is available, or sideloading it on Android. 

Which footballer will be found playing Pokémon first

With everyone desperate to jump on the Pokémon Go bandwagon social media whizzkids and bookmakers Paddy Power have made a market on which footballer in England will be the first to be caught chasing the little critters, and their favourite is Jack Wilshire, though it's not clear why the Arsenal and England star is the number one choice to be first to play the game. He's 5/1 favourite to be the first photographed playing it, but entertaingly is also 2/1 to be injured by a Pokémon.

Also in the running is Mario Balotelli at 6/1, though he might be too busy looking for a new club after Klopp told him he's no future at Liverpool, and England forward Daniel Sturridge is 7/1.

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “Footballers are simple creatures – a bit like Pokemon really.

"It’s no surprise they’re likely candidates to get snapped catching Pokemon – they could catch worse things on their summer breaks I suppose."

Messi or Ronaldo to be caught playing

Speculation is rife though as to whether Barcelona's Messi or Real Madrid's Ronaldo will be the first to be caught playing the game. Ronaldo's son, also called Cristiano, is now six and may already be pestering daddy to get the game installed on his smartphone.

Messi is known to be a big computer game fan, having previously admitted to playing PlayStation on-line anonymously. It's not known whether he's a big fan of Pokémon though. 

With Messi and Ronaldo holidaying next to each other in Ibiza, if the stars do decide to download the game there is the tantalising possibility of the two tussling over Pokémons, something the waiting paparazzi would no doubt be absolutely delighted by.  

Football/Pokémon hybrids

Meanwhile the Pokemón Go craze is only likely to produce more Pokemón/football mash-ups, like the genius Pokémon Footballers page, featuring mash-ups of Pokemón creatures and footballers, created by the owner because they have "uni work to do" so they are "making pointless footballer/pokemon hybrids". How the page only has 54 likes, we have no idea.

Pokémon Go hits Spain

Pokémon meets football

Pokémon Go hits Spain

More Poké-ball

Pokémon Go hits Spain

That'll be Moyster then.

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Ronaldo and Messi as Pokémon 

Meanwhile in the office we did a straw poll of which star player would be which Pokemón...

Ronaldo is Tyranitar:


Messi is Pikachu:


And Bale is of course...

Pokémon Go hits Spain


... the dragon-esque Charizard