Neymar organises a party on Brazil's day off

After beating Japan 2-0 Neymar, recently named Brazil captain, organised a party in a luxury villa, causing controversy in Brazil.

Neymar organises a party on Brazil's day off

Neymar organises party on Brazil's day off

Neymar took advantage of the day off Micale gave the Brazil Olympic team to rent a luxury villa and organise an almighty party for his Olympic teammates, according to UOL Sport, and the festivities haven't gone down well at all in his home country, where the public are desperate to see the Canarinha win Olympic gold at home in Rio. 

Neymar named as Brazil captain

In fact the controversy has been even greater than it might have been, given that Micale has just named Neymear as captain of the side, at a point where his status as leader of the dressing room was in doubt. 

After Brazil's victory over Japan (0-2), Neymar rented the house in the Alphaville districe, one of the most opulent in Goiânia, where the team is based. Most of the team attended the party, letting their hair down just days before the Olympics starts. 

Expectation now surrounds Neymar's response to any questions from the media about the party, as he has already made it quite clear this summer that he considers his private life and his partying his own business.