Klopp explains why he will never deal with The S*n again

Klopp explains why he will never deal with The S*n again
John Sibley REUTERS

Lack of respect

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp says he will no longer speak to reporters from The S*n as a matter of principle. The coach feels that the tabloid has once again overstepped the mark by snooping into the private life of one of his players - publishing a detailed article about how the Croatia international Dejan Lovren missed this summer’s Euro 2016 tournament while he dealt with highly personal family issues.

Klopp says he will no longer answer any questions directly from The S*n reporters, for an indefinite period, as Liverpool prepare to start their Premier League campaign at Arsenal on Sunday.

“I think that in life, no matter how much of a public figure the person is, there are things which should remain private”, Klopp explained after his side were beaten 4-0 in a friendly against Mainz on Sunday. “Sometimes things must have consequences”, he continued. “I thought to myself, there are eight million newspapers, so what if I don't speak to some [of them]...”

Klopp's stance against The S*n first came to light on Saturday after Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 at Wembley when he refused to answer a question from football correspondent Antony Kastrinakis.

“I don't talk with The S*n anymore”, Klopp, told the reporter in the post-match press briefing. “It's not personal. It's because of a few things that will happen in the next few days or few weeks, I don't know. You're still working for The S*n, right? That's it. You can listen and you can write what you want”.

Klopp's defiant stance has been wholeheartedly cheered on Merseyside where the tabloid has suffered a widespread boycott for over 27 years and where a large percentage of newsagents, many of whom themselves are Liverpool fans, refuse to stock the paper.