Argentina and Brazil fans get into Olympics punch-up

Security had to break up a fight between Argentina and Brazil fans during the Olympics tennis match between Del Porto and Sousa. "This is not football" said Del Potro after.

Argentina and Brazil fans get into Olympics punch-up

The intense rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is not just confined to football. Supporters from both countries have been seen taunting each other from the very first day of the Rio Olympics in the various sporting pavilions across the city.

Security breaks-up fight

And the banter finally boiled over on Monday during the tennis match between Argentina’s Del Potro and Portuguese player Joao Sousa, with security personnel having to intervene when an Argentine and Brazilian got into a punch up.

Del Porto: "This isn't football"

After the game, which Del Potro won 6-3, 1-6, 6-3 following his shock defeat of Novak Djokovic on Sunday, said he hopes there’ll be no repeat of the ugly scenes. “I hope that these types of incidents don’t happen again because people come here to watch tennis. This isn’t football.”