Juventus put heavy Higuaín on weight-loss diet

The Italian champions are not worried about the €90m man's extra few pounds, but want Higuaín to lose some weight as soon as possible.
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Juventus put heavy Higuaín on weight-loss diet

Many players have a propensity to put on a few pounds over the summer break and Gonzalo Higuaín is one of those players. While this is a fact that’s been known for quite some time now, this summer the striker seems to have come back heavier than ever. Or perhaps it’s just that the Argentinian’ recent massive transfer to Juventus has led to some more-than-normal scrutiny over his waistline.

Weight-loss plan

One way or another, Juve are taking Higuaín’s extra junk in the trunk seriously and have decided to put him on a diet before they start their Serie A campaign next weekend. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported on Saturday that Pipita – as he’s affectionately known – is following a strict weight-loss plan to lose some kilos as soon as possible.

Despite concerns, Allegri is not considering dropping the striker who cost the club €90 million  and will start the friendly on Saturday night against Espanyol. The Italian coach is well aware that the thing Higuaín needs most right now is a bit of exercise to shake off the excesses of his vacations.