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Modric: “My mission is at Real Madrid”

“There are probably other teams interested but I don’t want to know. I always say that I don’t even want to hear about them,” said the midfielder in an interview with the Croatian press.

Modric: “My mission is at Real Madrid”
Kiko Huesca EFE

Luka Modric has revealed that he has no intention of leaving Real Madrid. In an interview with Croatian newspaper Sportske Novosti, the midfielder said: “I’m not interested in anyone but Real Madrid. I’m very happy here.”

There are probably other teams interested in me but I don’t want to know. I already told my agent that I don’t want to know anything about other teams; I don’t even want to hear about them. It doesn’t interest me at all. My mission is at Real Madrid as long as the club wants me here,” he added.

The 30-year old Croatian says that he feels good ahead of the new season, despite the short summer break following the European Championships in France.

Modric stood out in Real Madrid's tight 2-1 win over Celta on Saturday evening

I really feel 27 or 28. Players can play for longer in today’s game and the most important thing is how a player feels,” he said. “But you can feel very tired, both physically and mentally, before 30 if you don’t care of yourself and work hard.”

Despite his success at the club since joining from Tottenham in 2012, Modric admitted there is one trophy missing from his growing trophy cabinet: “The Spanish League is still the only trophy I haven’t won here. To go four years without winning it is too much for a club of this size. It’s about time we changed that.”