Sergio Ramos allowed to bring in Raúl's preferred masseur

Lopetegui has lifted the ban on players bringing in their own, personal physiotherapists put in place by Luis Aragonés. Pedro Chueca made the trip to León.

Sergio Ramos allowed to bring in Raúl's preferred masseur

Sergio Ramos has brought Pedro Chueca, his trusted physiotherapist - and Raúl's, to the national team's base in León. On Sunday, Chueca formed part of the Spain expedition as Julen Lopetegui's team prepare for tomorrow's meeting with Liechtenstein. The centre-back wants Chueca, who was sacked from his job with Real Madrid by Doctor Olmo in 2015, by his side when he is on international duty, just like Raúl did in years gone by. Raúl included the physio on his guest list for 2002 World Cup Japan/Korea when José Antonio Camacho was in charge. The No.7 also brought Chueca along for the trip four years later for 2006 World Cup Germany when Luis Aragonés was at the helm but the coach then banned such practices, which didn't go down well with the madridista. Luis explained that while he was in charge, no player would be allowed to bring along their own personal masseurs. Vicente del Bosque maintained the ban during his tenure, in spite of certain players - including Ramos, raising the issue.

That has all changed under Julen Lopetegui. The Basque coach has given Ramos the go-ahead to bring Chueca along. Ramos was one of the players who put in a complaint to Real Madrid's General Director José Ángel Sánchez when the physio was sacked from his post at the club. Chueca dismissal was the start of the Medical Services department being dismantled by Olmo, who has been given full authority to do so by Florentino in the summer of 2015.

The Madrid president requested that the departament should be reorganized which resulted in chaos. Apart from Chueca, many employees who had been at the club for over a decade were served their notice such as Paco Morate, Juan Muro, Carlos Heredia, Dani Pirri (Pirri's son) and Santi Lozano. Olmo was given the chance to select his own team but that only increased the feeling of unease and mistrust among the players.