It's important that the club protect its assets

Raphaël Varane was intelligent enough to reject the Siren-like temptations of Jose Mourinho this summer and we should applaud his decision. We should also applaud his family, who clearly advised him well. But we shouldn’t overlook the role that Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid directors played in his decision.

Zidane: “Raphael is a very important player for me”

Zidane made his thoughts clear not long ago. “Above all it was us who didn’t want him to go,” he said. “Raphaël is a very important player for me and for the club and has always been a professional.

Varane has grown remarkably as a player since joining Real Madrid from Lens in 2011

Varane, a valuable asset for the club

Varane was a promising young footballer who has grown under the guidance of the club and its managers. He’s worth a lot more than he was when he first arrived in 2011 and I think it’s very important that the club has protected its assets and not allowed another club to reap the rewards of five years of nurturing.

Zidane found the right words to convince the centre-back and to prevent his departure but he was firm from the start… for the greater good of the club.