Chelsea's Eden Hazard has a dig at José Mourinho

Belgian star Hazard was named player of the month for August in the Premier League and send a barely disguised message to his former coach.

Chelsea's Eden Hazard has a dig at José Mourinho
Alex Morton REUTERS

Hazard chosen as Premier League player of the month

Eden Hazard has been chosen as the player of the month in the Premier League. His two goals and one assist in the opening three matches of the English league have got him off to a flying start, in stark contrast to his poor performances last season, where he was far below his superb level of 2014-15, when he was named player of the year. 

Hazard celebrates scoring against Burnley

Hazard has a dig at Mou

Since Conte took over on the bench at Chelsea it looks like Hazard is a different player. "We give everything for him", said the Belgian to magazine L'Equipe. And then he let fly with a barely disguised dig at former boss Mourinho, who Hazard fell out with several times before the Portuguese coach was finally sacked in December 2015: "I'm still the same player. Conte is giving us confidence after a poor season. Conte knows footballers, because he was once a footballer..."

Mou never made it as a pro...

In case you didn't remember Mourinho never made it as a professional footballer. And Hazard isn't the first to point that fact out. Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos also did so, though indirectly and only once Mou had left the Bernabéu, when he talked about Ancelotti: "Madrid needed someone who understood footballers and Ancelotti understands that to perfection. He's been a footballer and can put himself in a footballer's shoes".